JRR Tolkien: Adventure Pendant

  • Tolkien wrote the word "adventure" in a letter to the BBC's Terence Tiller (the producer of the first radio adaptation of LOTR). We selected "adventure" for Tolkien because we felt that the word best depicted Tolkien's imaginative, bold spirit, as well as the driving theme that spurred on the heroes in his groundbreaking epic.
    Interested in another Muse word? Drop us a message at hi@snakeandfawn.com.
    Learn more about our other Muse pendants here.
  • Because each order is individually made, it takes roughly 4 weeks for the pendant to arrive at your door.

    'Placeholder' gifts are available for last-minute gifts - Let us know if this is something you'll need!

    Available in steel, gold plated, sterling silver, and 14k gold, coupled with a 16" chain. Learn more about our pendants' sizing and material here.

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